Institutional Data

  • First, review the reports provided on this page.  They are organized by topic and provide both current and historical information.
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, check out the Shoreline report server.  Additional information about how to access reports can be found here.
    NOTE: To use the report server, you must be connected to the Shoreline network. If off campus, use the VPN (see TSS site). In addition, the reports can only be viewed online if you are using Internet Explorer.
  • If you need tailored reporting for a particular purpose, you can complete a report request

College Data Reports

Documents provided represent the most recent versions of key reports.  For additional time periods and reports, please see the report server.

Quick Facts: Students


Quarterly enrollment comparison report

Retention [Under revision]

Completion & Transfer

  • [Under construction]

Special Reports

Student Achievement Initiative

Additional External Reports