Year 7 2020


R2A Faculty Survey Learning Outcomes Assessment

R2B Module 1, Part 1: What is Learning Outcomes Assessment and why do it?

R2C Module 1, Part 2: Class vs. outcomes assessment; formative vs. summative assessment

R2D Module 1, Part 3: Why aren't grades enough? Indirect vs. Direct assessment

R2E Module 1, Part 4: Why aren't grades enough? Part 2

R2F Module 2, Part 1: Learning Outcomes at Shoreline

R2G Module 2, Part 2: Assessable Learning Outcomes

R2H Module 3, Part 1: Alignment

R2I Module 3, Part 2: Assessment Rubric

R2J Module 3, Part 3: Equity and Assessment

R2K Module 4: A pragmatic how-to

R2L Module 4: Calculation Template

R2M Module 4: Calculation Sample

R2N Module 5: Final Reflection Assignment  

Standard 1.A Mission

1A1A Core Themes Annual Indicator Report Winter 2020

1A1B March 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Standard 1.B Core Themes

1B1A Substantive Change Supplimental Report

1B1B Substantive Change Follow-up Report 2019

Standard 2.A Governance

2A1A Shoreline Board of Trustees Policies Manual 2020

2A1B Courageous Conversations

2A1C Strategic Planning and Budget Council Charter

2A1D College Council Charter

2A1E Disciplined Excellence Charter

2A1F Learning Outcomes Assessment Charter

2A1G Communications and Marketing/Community Engagement Charter

2A7A President's Eval Process Timeline

2A9A ET Resumes

2A10A President's Resume

2A11A Admin Team Professional Learning Survey 2017

2A16A SCCDH Student Handbook 2019-2020

2A16B Nursing Student Handbook Winter 2020

2A28A Shoreline Values and Behaviors 2018

Standard 2.B Human Resources

2B2A Administrative Performance Assessment Procedure

2B2B Administrative Performance Assessment Form

2B2C Administrative Performance Assessment Tool - Executive Team

2B2D Administrative Performance Assessment Tool - Deans/Directors

2B2E Administrative Performance Assessment Tool - Individual Contributors

2B6A Faculty Evaluation Endorsement Sheet

Standard 2.C Educational Resources

2C1A New Program Approval Process

2C1B New Program Checklist

2C2A Curriculum Committee Procedures

2C6A Library Workshops in Class Spring 2019

Standard 2.D Student Support Resources

2D4A Business Technology Hiatus Teachout Plan

2D4B Business Technology Hiatus Communication Drafts

2D9A Financial Aid Award Notification Letter Sample

2D9B Loan Debt Letter Sample

2D11A CBA 2017-2020 Review Presentation

2D12A Housing Survey Summary

Standard 2.E Library and Information Resources

2E2A Spring 2013 Faculty Library Use Survey

2E2B Winter 2019 Faculty and Staff Survey

2E2C Winter 2019 Student Survey

Standard 2.F Financial Resources

2F1A Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Proposal Presentation

2F1B May 2020 Zoom Hall Budget Update

2F2A SSA Final Presentation with Notes

2F6A Rentals Budget Metrics Sheet

2F7A Fiscal 2016 Audit Report

2F7B Fiscal 2017 Audit Report

2F7C Fiscal 2018 Audit Report

2F7D Fiscal 2019 Audit Report

2F8A Shoreline Foundation Agreement

Standard 2.G Physical and Technological Infrastructure

2G1A Custodial Standards 2019

2G1B Accessability Walk-Through Notes

2G2A Hazardous Materials Training Sign-in

2G2B Hazardous Materials Folder Hierarchy

2G3A Shoreline Long Range Development Plan 2011

2G3B Shoreline Master Development Plan 2013

2G4A Equipment Requests 2019-2020

2G4B Classroom Revitalization Plan

2G6A SmarterMeasure Report Fall 2018

2G6B Quality Matters and Shoreline Certified Courses

2G8A Computer Replacement Schedule December 2019 Snapshot

2G8B Student Lab Replacement

Standard 3.A Institutional Planning

3A1A Mid-Cycle Self Assessment

3A1B Shoreline Employee Survey Results

3A1C CMCE Employee Communication Recommendations

3A1D Disciplined Excellence Worksheet

3A1E Day of Learning Report

3A1F Disciplined Excellence Recommendations

3A1G ctcLink Award Packaging Business Map

3A1H ctcLink Long Term Disability Business Map

3A1I ctcLink Travel Requisitions Business Map

3A1J Day of Learning Equity Gap Presentation

3A1K Equity and Inclusion Plan 2018

3A1L Day of Learning Agenda 2019

3A1M Ecological Integrity Survey Questions Day of Learning 2018

3A1N Ecological Integrity Survey Results 2019

3A1O SLECC Workplan 1016

3A1P Shoreline Scheduling Survey Fall 2016

3A1Q Scheduling and Enrollment Block Schedule

3A1R Program Navigation Journey Map 2017

3A1S Program Navigation Taxonomy Definitions 2018

3A1T Placement 360 Workplan 2017

3A1U GIG Supplemental Evaluation Report 2017

3A1V FYES Pre and Post Evaluation Report

3A1W CCRC SBCTC GP Scale of Adoption Self Assessment 2018

3A1X CCRC SBCTC GP Scale of Adoption Self Assessment 2019

3A1Y Shoreline GP 2020-21

3A1Z Day of Learning 2018 Agenda

3A1AA Day of Learning Report 2019

3A1AB 5 Ways to Pay for College

3A1AC Benefits Hub Flyer

3A1AD Tutoring Services General Info Form 2020

3A1AE NSO Tips

3A1AF W20 NSO Draft Schedule

3A1AG Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee Charter

3A1AH Ecological Integrity Steering Committee Charter

3A1AI Opening Week Schedule 2016

3A1AJ Concurrent Sessions 2016

3A1AK Opening Week Schedule 2017

3A1AL Concurrent Sessions 2017

3A1AM Opening Week Schedule 2018

3A1AN Concurrent Sessions 2018

3A1AO Opening Week Schedule 2019

3A1AP Concurrent Sessions 2019

3A1AQ Inclusive Excellence Recommendations 2020

3A1AR DEI Learning Team Final Report

3A1AS Inclusive Excellence Recommendations 2020

3A1AT Student Communication Survey Spring 2020

3A2A Shoreline Draft Strategic Plan September 2015

3A3A Strategic Planning Task Force Scan Summary

Standard 3.B Core Theme Planning

3B1A Budget Context and Assessment Template

3B1B Zip file of all Budget Review Process documents

3B1C Chemistry Budget Metrics Sheet

3B1D Chemistry Budget Context and Assessment 

3B1E English Budget Metrics Sheet

3B1F English Budget Context and Assessment

3B1G Student Accessibility Services Budget Metrics Sheet

3B1H Student Accessibility Services Budget Context and Assessment

3B1I VMMS Budget Metrics Sheet

3B1J VMMS Budget Context and Assessment

3B1K Human Resources Budget Metrics Sheet

3B1L Human Resources Budget Context and Assessment

3B1M IADM Budget Metrics Sheet

3B1N IADM Budget Context and Assessment

3B1O Daily Enrollment Report Sample Fall 2020

3B1P Community Education Core Theme Handout March 2018

3B2A Workforce Career Navigator ASAP 2014

3B2B Clean Energy and Biotechnology ASAP 2017

3B2C Director of Employer Engagement ASAP 2018

3B2D Continuing Education Budget Metrics

3B2E IBEST Coordinator Job Description

3B3A Sample Scheduling & Enrollment Report for Fall 2019

3B3B Chemistry Enrollment 2015

3B3C Academic Planning Ratings 2017-2018 Summary Sheet

3B3D Academic Planning Ratings 2018-2019 Summary Sheet

3B3E Academic Planning High Level Summary 2019

3B3F Shoreline Program Labor Market Data

Standard 4.A Assessment

4A1A 2015 Core Theme Indicator Report

4A2A SES Outcomes Introduction

4A2B SES Outcomes Brainstorm Summary

4A2C GAC Annual Report 2014-2015

4A2D GAC Annual Report 2015-2016

4A2E GAC Annual Report 2016-2017

4A2F GAC Annual Report 2017-2018

4A3A Continuing Education Course Evaluation Questions

4A3B Adult Basic Education 042 Assessment Report

4A3C Biology 211 Assessment Report

4A3D Business Technology 101-103 Assessment Report

4A3E English for Academic Purposes 099 Assessment Report

4A3F Math 141 Assessment Report

4A3G Psychology 101 Assessment Report

4A3H Business Writing Assessment Report

4A3J English 099 and 101 Assessment Report

4A3K Math 098 Sample Questions

4A3L Chemistry 121 Assessment Report

4A3M Clean Energy 200 Assessment Notes

4A3N Communication Studies 203 Assessment Report

4A3P English 099 and 101 Norming Project Report

4A3Q Math 098 and 099 Prereq Assessment Results

4A3R ESL Academic Honesty Project Report

4A3S Global Awareness Assessment Report 2012

4A3T Global Awareness Assessment Report 2014

4A3U Global Awareness Summer Institute Report 2015

4A3V Global Awareness Assessment Presentation

4A3W Communication Assessment Presentation 2018

4A3X Multicultural Understanding Assessment Presentation 2019

4A3Y Information Literacy Assessment Report 2020

4A4A GP Final 2020-2021 Workplan

4A4B General Education Assessment Presentation to FSC 2020

Standard 4.B Improvement

4B2A General Education Outcomes Revision Draft Plan

4B2B ESLAB 001 Syllabus

Standard 5.A Mission Fulfillment

5A1A Mission Fulfillment Winter 2020

5A1B Enrollment Report (Annual and Quarterly)

5A1C Core Theme Indicator Report Fall 2018

5A1D Core Theme Indicator Report Winter 2020

Standard 5.B Adaptation and Sustainability


2012 Mission Fulfillment Self-Evaluation Report

2013 Year One Self-Evaluation Report

2015 Mid-Cycle Self-Study and Appendices

2018 Ad Hoc Self-Study

2019 Ad Hoc Self-Study