False NDR Notices

I didn’t send this!  I don’t know this person!

Many campus computer users have reported receiving an NDR (Non-Delivery Report) for e-mail messages they did not send.  These messages are usually the result of SPAM e-mail messages that were sent to someone with your e-mail address as the return address.  SPAMMERS routinely use forged return addresses to prevent an onslaught of bounced messages to their system. 

Erroneous NDR messages may also be the result of Internet worms that have infected computers outside of our system.  Worms select e-mail addresses at random from the infected computer’s address book.  The sender’s address is forged.  In cases where the message can not be delivered for one reason or another, you will receive an NDR. 

If you receive an NDR for a message that you did not send please just delete it.  If the messages persist or if you suspect that your computer may be infected with a worm or virus, contact the TSS helpline at x5872.