Key Services provided by TSS

Student Computing Resources

  • TSS coordinates and maintains S.C.C. computing labs.
  • Works with the SBA to allocate student technology funds to support student technology as defined in the student technology agreement.

Virus Protection

  • Your virus software is updated remotely, so it is always up to date.
  • Be very cautious of e-mail attachments.
  • Do not open anything that looks suspicious. 
    • Instead of opening it, delete.

Software Installation  

  • If you have unique software, let TSS know.  You will need to provide a license and proof of purchase in order to protect S.C.C. from fines.

Network and Server Maintenance

TSS/CIS perform network and server maintenance on Friday afternoons and weekends

  • The network may be unavailable for classes or for student assignments during maintenance.
  • Maintenance is always announced in advance.