What We Do

  • Maintain and operate the campus computer network, servers and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Operate and support the campus phone and voicemail system.
  • Support the standard campus software, which includes Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office.  
  • Provide faculty and staff with MS Office for home use.
  • Support campus desktop computers and printers.
  • Maintain network services, such as network printers, home and shared directories for your files.
  • Maintain the college computer labs.
  • Provide support for the HP3000 - (LNS).
  • Provide support for e-mail/network accounts.
  • Provide support for on-line admissions, registration, bookstore, wait lists, Instructor's Briefcase, grade submission, etc.
  • Operate the TSS Help Desk.
  • Maintain a campus inventory of technology (hardware, software and licenses).
  • Process all technology purchases, (audit, integration and legality issues).
  • Consult on special technology projects.
  • Provide technology training for efficiency and innovation.


College Website

  • Communications and Marketing is responsible for the look and feel of the website.
  • Communications and Marketing provides web management support.


If you are need assistance, contact the TSS Help Desk at tss@shoreline.edu.